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Progressive Continuum - Year 1 Objectives
SESSION 5: Learn Functional Applicance Therapy, treatment planning, A.R.S (Air Roto Slenderizing) and wire bending exercises.

Frankels dFaces


The theory of Frankels impression technique

Mouth preparation

Lip seal exercises

Lab communication

Patient management

Tx Timing

Limitations, clinical cases

Face Mask (Henri Petit)

Different types

Mode of Action

Clinical Application

Sequence of Tx

Lab Communication

Clinical cases

Herbst Appliance

The many different types and when / how to use

Current Research

Twin force bite corrector

The Hanks/Herbst clinical cases

The MARA Appliance

Clinical management of the MARA

Sequence of Tx, when / how

Case selection

Construction of clinical cases

Bite Director

When to use

Clinical application

Lab communication

Patient management

Clinical cases

Treatment Planning

Sequencing of Tx objectives

Three phases of Tx

Wires to use, when

A.R.S. (Air Rotor Slenderizing)

Dr. Jack Sheridan's approach

The theory and research

When to use

The technique, burs, indicator wire

Step by step sequencing

Clinical case studies

Wire Bending Exercise

How to bend .020 arch forms

Extraction arche, co-ordination of arch wire to each patient

Expansion arch

Darryl and Darryl stopped arch

Pliers used.

Sectional arch wires


Upon Completion of this session, the participant will be able to demonstrate:

  • How & when to use the CARRIERE APPLIANCE for class II correction

  • How & when to use the FRANKEL APPLIANCE

  • When to use the BITE DIRECTOR for Mx Skeletal Protrusion

  • The use of the FACIAL MASK & CLASS III CARRIERE for CLASS III Malocclusions

  • An understanding of the HERBST APPLIANCE vs the M.A.R.A

  • The protocol for ARS (Air Rotator Slenderizing) after Dr. Sheridan

  • How to fabricate an ESSEX RETAINER


  • The use of the STOPPED ARCH & HOW TO MAKE IT (Hands on wire bending)

  • An understanding of the GROWTH PREDICTION using the CERVICAL SPINE

  • How to take photos

  • An understanding of the FUTURE OF ORTHODONTICS

  • 20 AGD Credits per Session, 15 RCDSO "Category 2" CE per Session