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Progressive Continuum - Year 1 Objectives
SESSION 3: Learn Archwire System Introduction to Mechanics
  • Review Diagnostic System
  • Archwire System
  • Size & types of wires
  • Sequencing of Archwires

    • Ligation: Elastics: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
    • Power chain
    • Rotating wedges: Bumper, Sleeve
    • Brass & Elastic Separators
    • Banding & bracketing error review

  • Ten Hour Force Theory
    • Combination, chin up, 'J' hook, vertical pull

  • Anchorage System
  • Extra-Oral, Intra-Oral

  • Mulligan Mechanics - Introduction
  • Moments of force

  • Tip back, toe in, toe out, center bend, off center bend, basic arch wire forms
  • In-depth treatment planning & evaluation of adjunctive records for Class I

  • Non-extraction, extraction, mild class II, mild class II
  • At least 2 individual case diagnosis
  • mixed dentition

    Upon completion of this session, the participant will be able to demonstrate:
  • An understanding of orthodontic wire metallurgy
  • An understanding of manipulation of orthodontic wires
  • A further understanding of moments of Force
  • An understanding of extraction and non-extraction orthodontic treatment

  • 20 AGD Credits per Session, 15 RCDSO "Category 2" CE per Session