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Progressive Continuum - Year 1 Objectives
SESSION 1: Learn Straight Wire Appliance, Bracketing, Records
  • Introduction to the C.S.W. Program
  • Introduction to the Straight Wire Appliance
  • Comparison of S.W.A. to the Begg and Edgewise Techniques of Orthodontics
  • Discussion of tip torque inout offset

  • Six Keys of Normal Occlusion
  • Systemized Approach to Orthodontics
  • Bracketing System
  • Instrumental System
  • Straight wire appliance brackets:
    • brackets from various companies
    • standard brackets
    • extraction brackets and power arms
    • special anterior brackets
  • Banding vs. direct bond bracketing
  • Banding/bracketing procedures
  • Banding/bracketing classroom projects and exercises
  • Banding/bracketing errors
  • Instruments and their usage

  • Placement of brackets on models
  • Placement of light archwires on models
  • Manufacturers of orthodontic products
  • General orthodontic nomenclature

  • Introduction C.S.W. Charting System
  • Medical dental acquaintance
  • Clinical Examination

  • Introduction to Records
  • Course textbook by Mulligan "Common Sense Mechanics" 1998 edition
  • Journals: Journal of Clinical Orthodontics
  • Confirmation of next session's dates and material that will be required
  • Patient education material
  • At least 2 individual case diagnosis - permanent dentition
  • Reading assigned

    Upon completion of this session, the participant will be able to demonstrate:

  • How to mark crown long axis and L. A. Points on typodonts
  • Knowledge of reasoning for various L. A. Points on each tooth
  • How to place brackets on typodonts
  • Application of light wires to previously placed brackets on typodonts
  • Attachment of wires to brackets with elastic and wire ligation
  • Knowledge obtained throughout the session by means of written tests and demonstration on typodonts

  • 20 AGD Credits per Session, 15 RCDSO "Category 2" CE per Session