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    Ortho course comparison    

There are a few Ortho courses out there that offer different things. How do they all compare? What is right for you?

Here is a handy chart to help you decide which features you want out of an Ortho course.

If the chart below doesn't display properly, click this link to download the PDF version.

Ortho Course
Comparison Chart

Canadian/Comprehensive Straight Wire and Functional Orthodontic Program

Other Large Multi Session Courses

Cookie Cutter "Cook Book" Courses

Small 1 or 2 Day Events on Special Ortho Topics

Makes It Easy for You

Easy but thorough


Certificate Of Completion

Course Changes Every Year - Modern / Future
Updated Information

Invisalign, 6-9 month adult braces and more




Confidence And Competence To Do Orthodontics


Finish Any Cases

Start new cases by session 1. Finish most cases by session 10


Recognize, Diagnose and Treat Any Age Patient (Child to Adult)

Limited Students = Max Teach Time And Individualized Treatment

Case Studies Presented At Every Session


*** Start Cases Immediately? ***

As soon as session 1


Beginners And Advanced Welcome

One or the other

One or the other

Course Instructor Mentorship

They want you to succeed

How Long Has Course Been Running

Over 35 years and over 1000 students!




~NO B.S.~
Evidence Based
Approach to Ortho Methods and Products

May receive funding and biased towards Ortho companies' products

Will Help You During and Afterwards No Matter What Company You Buy Your Ortho Products From

May turn you down if you don't use their preferred vendor

Complete Course

Comes With training Supplies and Materials

80 Years Combined Orthodontic Knowledge

Canadian Content

Includes the Business of Orthodontics and how to run it properly

Differential Dx

Made easy with the
"CSW Charting System"

Lacking the CSW Charting System


4,000+ pages
24,000 slides

Around 1,000 pages.
If their course is truly comprehensive, what are you missing?

Small if any


Number Of Sessions

10 sessions with 2 days each (20 days total)
(5 beginner, 5 advanced)
over 2 years

Less than 4 x 3 day sessions

1 or 2 days

1 or 2

CE Credits

150 RCDSO "Category 2" CE
(15 Per Session for 10 sessions)
or 200 AGD credits
(20 per session)

Less than 150

< 50?

< 20?


Canada with Canadian content

US and Some Canada

US and Some Canada

US and Some Canada

Retake Course for FREE?

Course retakes are free if you have completed all 10 sessions (and you can earn extra CE credits per session)

Jump through hoops



Price (Per Session)

$1,900 CAD per session plus HST

~$1,195-$1,295 US
per session